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Thataway Cafe

I was in Greenwich over the weekend to meet up with a friend for lunch.  We decided to dine at Thataway Cafe,, which is at the bottom of the Avenue.  I have not eaten there in at least 10 years and found the food (especially dessert) to be very good.  The restaurant had a very relaxed environment and you werent rushed out the door, after finishing your meal.  The restaurant offered a great list of specials and I ended up with the Grouper Wrap.  The sandwich also came with a cup of Butternut Squash Soup, which was delicious.  I think my favorite part of the meal was the Tollhouse Cookie Pie.  I seemed to have no problem inhaling the entire thing.

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French Cuisine

I was also introduced to French Cuisine when I worked in Public Relations, because one of our clients was a French Restaurant in Greenwich.  I thought the food was good and was especially fond of the desserts (I have a terrible sweet tooth).  I did not have the understanding of French food as I do now. 

I was in Las Vegas in September and dined at Le Cirque  Yes, it is a fancy restaurant and very expensive, but that is where the stereotypes end.  I was extremely impressed with the service they provided.  Each table had 2-3 servers and a Sommelier.  They were friendly, not snobby and provided us with an explanation of what we were eating.  We ordered off the the Prix Fixe menu and ordered a few kinds of wine that complimented the dish we were eating.  It didnt occur to us when we were in the restaurant, but eash dish on the menu complimented each other perfectly.  It was truly a fabulous dining experience.

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